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Although the breakthrough technology of the different brands turns each washing machine into a unique device, we can define the minimum and basic function of a washing machine. The washing machine has a central loading cylinder with holes and a spinning system on its own axis. Once it is filled with water, the process ends and throws the machine contents out.

Its function is based on a spinning movement over a container, generally of cylindrical shape. Inside of it, water, detergent and dirty clothes are mixed. This movement mixes the detergent with dirtiness and the relative movement between water and clothes, which develops the cleaning process. Automatic washing machines have a program system that allows the machine to perform different cleaning processes. According to the one you chose, spinning speeds vary as well as the time and the chosen temperature.

The basic components of the machine are:

  • An electric engine which transmits movement to the cylinder so that it spins in the right way.
  • A microprocessor that controls the function of the different cleaning choices as well as the programs. This device orders the priorities.
  • A cylinder or tube which mixes the clothes, water and detergent and which acts as a container for the elements.
  • A small vat which protects and supports the tube or cylinder, allows water and temperature changes, and supports all the elements while the process changes.

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  • A housing which supports the small vat and muffles the cylinder's vibrations.
  • A couple of buffers which help support the cylinder's weight and muffle the vibrations.
  • A resistance system in charge of heating water.
  • Water inputs which transport and evacuate clean water.
  • A filter, which chooses the conduct's content avoiding the obstruction of the drain pipe.
  • A belt which transmits the engine's movement to the sheave.
  • A blocking automatic system which does not allow the door to open while functioning.
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