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Washing machine tips

washing machine repair tips

washing machines

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The market has improved and enlarged its production variety. Technology has been introducing different models. Next on this website, we will provide you with some suggestions to consider when you want to buy a washing machine or when you want to start using it. No matter which model you have chosen, these pieces of advice can be applied in general.

  • Analyze the maximum amount of load you wash daily and choose the capacity of the machine you are about to buy.
  • Bear in mind the space you have to install the machine. The market usually offers some reduced dimension models.
  • If you have children who are used to produce persistent stains, we suggest you should buy a model with more washing efficiency. But if you are all adults, you will be more interested in taking care of the clothes.
  • Compare the features and functions of each model and buy the one that is more adequate to your needs, bearing in mind the price. For any type of claims, you should keep the guarantee of the machine.
  • Beyond all the tricky advertising spots, you should verify that your washing machine is automatic. One way of making sure of it is by asking the salesman if the detergent, the smoothing product or the clearing product are taken automatically. At the same time, you should make sure it drains automatically, without pressing any buttons. This is essential, especially if you wash your clothes at night.
  • Another thing to consider is the quality of the materials. Many times in order to spend less money, plastic materials or low-cost materials are used. It is important that strong and good quality materials are used in the central parts of functioning -central tube, helix, engine. One way of checking this is by watching if water filters where it should not.
  • Read the instructions carefully, because there could be some differences between automatic and semiautomatic laundry. In the automatic washing machine you just need to introduce the clothes, the detergent and the smoothing product, choose the program and the temperature you want and later, the washing machine does the rest. On the contrary, the semiautomatic washing machine has more functions for you to consider. Many machines lack an automatic detergent, smoothing product and clearing product measure system. On this case, you should be in charge of pouring the detergent after the tube was filled with water and later, introduce the clothes. Pay attention to see if you need to add any smoothing or clearing product.

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  • Use the necessary amount of detergent. Otherwise, the machine could get seriously damaged. There are different types of systems according to the place where the machine comes from. The European system or front-load system supplies a soft washing, spinning the tube and spinning the clothes from one place and then to the other. In this system, low-foam detergent is used because foam softens the clothes fall, so they will not fall with the necessary strength to be washed. This is the most ordinary system and it is used with all types of clothes. Although detergent use depends on the user (it depends on the power of water and the degree of filth the clothes have), people think that the more detergent you use, the better. The user should always use the amount and type of detergent according to the machine's needs. There may be detergents that damage the functioning mechanisms of the washing machine.
  • Choose a washing machine with a simple and easy-to-use program selector. There are some services and programs that are not frequently used and only make the use of the machine more complicated.
  • Choosing a washing machine with a 180° cylinder is highly advisable. Its opening facilitates the loading and downloading of the clothes.
  • Bear in mind the space you have at home. The washing machine, although it may be small, could occupy much more space than the one you have.
  • Think carefully if you want a top-loading or front-loading machine. Take into consideration all their pros and cons depending on their use. Front-loading machines have more capacity and you can watch the clothes when washing. Top-loading machines are more comfortable and have more functions.
  • Determine if you wish to have a small or big loading machine. It all depends on whether you live alone or not, if you wash too many clothes and how often you use the machine. A small loading machine is not the same as a big loading machine; a fixed spin machine is not the same as a variable spin machine; a precise automatic level machine is not the same as a deferred one; a short period laundry machine is not the same as an anti-wrinkle one.
  • Think about power use. Bear in mind the use of electricity as regards the function of the washing program you choose. There are differences as regards temperature (the higher the temperature, the more use of electricity is involved) and the duration of the program which also has influence over electricity use.
  • Measure the use of water. A complete laundry cycle uses 60 liters of water. As a whole, the washing machine has 10% of the total of water inputs. The water consumption depends on the length of the program. Bear in mind that the greater water consumption is produced during the clearing process. Thus, this process should be reduced, separating the clothes.
  • Estimate the energy consumption. A complete washing cycle consumes between 1 and 2 kwh. As a whole, it implies a 5% of the total consumption in the house. The greater amount of energy is consumed when heating water and not when moving the cylinder. This consumption could increase if we use a spin dryer incorporated to the washing machine or separately.
  • Bear in mind the pollution that water generates when coming out of the washing machine. Its pollution degree depends also on the type of detergent used.
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