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Washing machine

washing machines reviews

washing machines

The origin of washing was a consequence of different changes in the clothes materials and the new esthetics of the fashion world. The different materials that appeared required different ways of washing them. All fabrics could not be washed the same way -each type required specific cares.

By learning the changes the washing methods suffered in time, you will understand how technology adjusted to consumers' needs. Being part of that group of consumers, you will be able to buy in an effective way. Our site will provide you with the information in a precise way.

  1. At first, clothes were washed in vats with hot water and soap, and the fine fabrics were kept soft.
  2. In 1780, technology began to appear with Robinson Lancashire, who invented the washing machine, which also dripped clothes.
  3. In 1855 a machine to wash and dry clothes was invented in Crimea's hospitals.
  4. In 1880 the first washing machines were built. They heated water with gas and coal.
  5. In 1888 the electro-technical engineer Incola Tesla invented a compact electric engine which joined electronics with washing.
  6. In 1901 the American engineer Alva Fisher invented the first washing machine, adding to the already existing machines an electric engine which impelled a cylinder. An automatic mechanism inverted the spinning sense from time to time so that the clothes did not compress, which frequently used to happen. The next step was to add some rollers to drip clothes. This is the date when the first washing machine was born.
  7. After the Second World War, in 1945, washing machines started being highly sold in the Western countries. The washing machines were sold in series, and manufacturing was distributed. They were cheaper.
  8. In 1960, important industrial companies began to manufacture huge amounts of washing machines, and others turn them into their main source of prestige and earnings -as Kelvinator and Zanussi.
  9. In the 70's, the washing machine was definitely a well known product in Europe and America.

washing machine

The esthetic and functional evolution of the washing machine has developed, especially during the last years, with the use of microelectronics. Some of the elements that have been added and have enhanced the washing machine are:

  • Nowadays, drain pipes let dirty water go out and let clean water come in without the need of doing it with the hands like some years ago. Besides, the city plumbing system is involved here too.
  • Nowadays, the door has a mechanism which is connected to the microprocessor to avoid dangers. The machine does not start until the door is closed. We can also watch the interior process to check if it is taking place normally.
  • Their materials are lighter today. Many years ago, wood materials were used, but now washing machines are built with stronger materials such as aluminum or enameled materials. Today's trend is to join material's quality with lightness and design.
  • The microprocessor is an electronic device that receives information from outside and starts the treatment using computer programs. Some time ago, electromagnetic devices and sense machines were used. Some of the current models dry and clean clothes, and they even add some re-ordering algorithms to avoid too many vibrations during drying process.
portable washing machine

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